Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mission Complete

Like the Channel 4 Revolution's Get Fit: Mission Complete!

I was hoping it would be faster than that but given i am behind by 2 months, i think i should be grateful i can run 6 miles.

Just a little 3 tomorrow. The morning's RDA has been cancelled due to the weather.  It was decided it will be too cold for the children, plus it wouldn't do for the volunteers to get frost bite in the toes either! I can still recall going riding as a child, getting in the car afterwards & mum putting the heater on full blast on our feet while i tried to get some movement back that didn't hurt!

So, 3 miles & i think a bit of work on my hamstrings & maybe core, then a half hour session as a side walker volunteering with a private session and finally body balance to finish the day.  Maybe i'll get some of my Young Equestrian Leader Award done too.

I think i am going to sleep well again tonight!

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