About Jenny

A few facts:

  • I'm in the middle of my 20's
  • Have run 1 marathon before (Brighton 2011)
200 Metres to go!
  • Raised £2,100 last year
  • Love my gym & the group exercise classes. 
  • Favourite class is Body Step
  • Had never really run (other than school House cross country) before training for last year
  • Got shins splints in 2010 when i started training for 2011 & have spent many hours (and £) at the physio and have hopefully succeeded in sorting it out - no problems since before Christmas now!
  • I have been volunteering at Bambers Green RDA since September 2010
  • I have ridden myself on & off since i was 4.
Jumping  aged 17  with Smudge 
  • I have previously worked at a livery yard & volunteered at a School for children with Epilepsy and other complex needs - And now RDA brings both of those together.
  • I volunteer for three separate riding sessions over a week - in three different places!
  • I am currently trying to finish my GOLD Young Equestrian Leader Award
  • Both volunteering & the gym have helped improve my health more than anything else has over the last 14 years!

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