Friday, 24 August 2012

Prize draw update

I have finally managed to allocate all but one of the prizes.  It has taken a lot longer than i anticipated due to holiday, illness & injury etc.  Might have to think the details of this through better if i do it again!

Sadly on looking back at the form i have no way of contacting 'sarah' who sponsored me at the farmers market.

So after a redraw with  i have the final prize to offer to Gywn, a friend at the gym.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Prize Draw - the Results

All 85 names of those who have sponsored me, both on & offline, from the UK (sorry dear family members in Canada) have been entered onto a spreadsheet. Now i will use a random number generator to pick the names. I will then contact the names in order with regards to prizes, as obviously some names are not local and some of the prizes are!

And the winners are.....
1st Trish & Jerry Spurling

2nd Jon Taylor

3rd Pam Williams

4th My Uncle

5th Naomie Terry

6th Jill Harris

7th Nicola Jackson

8th Mandy Pead

9th Barry and Joan Thurgood

10th Wendy Clarke

11th Amanda Beznosiuw

12th Mandy Ridgwell

13th Nicola Diamond

14th Emily Ashenden

15th Karen Matthews

16th Laura Sweet

17th Sarah (surname unknown but i have her address, donation at the farmers market)

If your name is on the list i will be in touch starting now..... Trish!! I'm starting with you!

Thank you to all those who donated prizes - all listed and named on the prize draw page.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Recap with Pictures

So here is the long overdue Marathon Recap,  thank you to the commenter who reminded me - sadly Goggle didn't let me know i had a comment, but i was going to use my 1st free morning to post it anyway.  It been a morning filled with admin tasks, still trying to finish my YELA Gold away, at least finish the paperwork, now that i have completed my 60 hours volunteering - and being reminded i had volunteered to steward at a sponsored ride this sunday!  I really need to look further ahead in my diary.  i though it was just that last 2 weekends i was volunteering  - seems to!  Luckily the weather is due to improve.  So here's my race, in picture with captions, because the race itself was kind of uneventful.  It felt quite comfortable, until about mile 20 when i than had to put my head down & focus.  However there were no injuries for me, it really was a smooth run, not easy but there were no disasters.  I think however i will be giving myself a break next year though & give it a miss, but i'm not saying never again.
My handmade RDA pony mascot, made by Nan.

About mile 4, 1st chance to wave and smile at mum.

Spotted by my friend Mark, after the 1st little hill - i didn't see him though sadly!

mile 14, 2nd chance to see mum - completely different to last year where i was on the verge of floods of tears.  This year i was all smiles!

Mile 18,  I was with the 4hr 45 pacing group by then & decided i was pushing my luck if i tried to go faster than that - after all i was only aiming for under 5 hours originally!

The final 400m - fab shot mum!  sprinting (almost) for the line

Thank you to all who have sponsored me.  I haven't reached my target so far but  £2000 will pay for at least 2  of the 3 school terms - Ok, so sometimes i aim a little too high :) 

A dip in the sea after to ease the muscles, with a little choccie treat/reward. I'm sure it was colder than last year!

And a warm welcome home to Nan's.

As soon as i have all the money in & complete i will post a final total that has been raised for Bambers Green RDA.

THANK YOU! to all who have sponsored me!  I will be drawing the prize draw on the 15 which is a month after the run.

(And now i'm going to be late for work Ooops!)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brighton Marathon 2012

Full write up & photos when i have regained my energy, sorted out all the jobs that haven't been done over the last week & get organised!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another couple of prizes :)

How would you fancy the chance to win a £10 voucher from Sainsburys?  Or a £20 Voucher from Lola Be - a lovely little boutique shop in Florence Walk, Bishops Stortford.

All you have to do is Sponsor me - there's only 4 days now until i run the Brighton Marathon!

Not sure it will be as sunny as last year.....

please, no hail like i drove through today!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

More Prizes! (and other photos)

(Dilbert the Dinosaur not included)
A 2 beautiful handmade felt brooches (other colours available) from The Delightful Dinosaur Company

A Pair of Large Body Pump Gloves (good luck balloon in the background not included - but it's lasted well - still going after 5 weeks!)

and £10 voucher from HACS (Horse & Country Store) in Little Hallingbury.

Remember that ice bath? It wasn't just cold water - there really was ice in it too! see?

 Have you seen this car?  All the details of prizes will be in the back window when i'm parked up ( i need to update the list tonight when i get home, got to get to the gym now!)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

11 Days to go

Hello again!
Well there are only 11 days to go so i thought i’d give you all an update, with a few new exciting details too.
At the time of writing i have raised £1,134.86  although i have various paper sponsor forms floating around both Bishops Stortford town and also with friends & fellow RDA volunteers (and their families).  So hopefully i will be able to give you an even more wonderful update a few weeks after my run.
Thank you very much to all of you who have sponsored me so far and as an extra thank you, everyone who sponsors me will be entered into a prize draw.  So far i have 7 vouchers from local businesses (Mayfield Farm Bakery, The Signature Spa, Manefaire, Churchgate Sausage Shop & Jo Smith Hair Design)  All the details and links to the businesses can be found on the blog here
If you haven’t sponsored me yet,  I would be very grateful if you could – not matter how big or small the donation, every £1 helps.
And of course the all important donation website  if you would prefer not to donate online, drop me a line & i can always add you to one of my paper forms.
I’m hoping this forecast snow doesn’t hang around & that in 11 days there are blue skies like last year.
Have a lovely Easter,