Sunday, 25 March 2012

An update in photos (and words actually too)

It is still very busy, and the new job is certainly taking up more time that i think i realised it would.  Any how here is a quick update.  I have been round and checked all my paper forms so far & totalled it all up together, as well as the money raised yesterday from Sheering Farmers Market here in Essex.  I raised £25.66 from selling my crafts and received £30 on my sponsor form.  So thanks you to those who supported it.  My step dad was able to get a few photos for me at the beginning of the morning.  

The grand total for fundraising and sponsorship so far is £1,048.86!  Thank you all for helping.  Of course there are still paper forms in the Studio at Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre in Bishops Stortford and one with the lovely Karen & Pat at Manefaire   also in Bishops Stortford  Tweet them @Manefaire!  

Or you can still sponsor me online.

Thank you also to the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine, Herts & Essex Observer and Mwaah Magazine for posting lovely articles for me hopefully boosting my fundraising.  I have copies of Mwaah Mag if anyone would like one!

Today if i get chance to take photos (i.e if i hurry up and finish this blog post) i will try and put the rest of the craft stuff on Ebay.  But like i say i'm tight on time - as usual - as we are headed to Brighton and i was to get a run in along the seafront up to my Nan's before lunch, but that doesn't leave me with the afternoon hopefully.

And finally a few photos i was sent by the school, of me and the other ladies during a session (this is why we have no time to take photos ourselves!).  These photos all have parental permission of the children involved.

Spot the purple Jodpuhs!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Big apologies for not posting sunday - to give you an idea of how busy i'm been; Sunday evening i was still seaching the internet and trying to write an essay for my science class in the car on the way home from my grandparents' and fininshed when we were about 15 minutes from home!  Typing in the car is not fun & i really hope it doesn't come to that again! That's amongst trying to bake cakes, make presents, research uni, go to various health appointments and from next week everything will be squeezed into mornings as i start a new job.

Anyway the snow & ice cleared, which meant a couple of weeks ago i managed to get out on the roads.  On my wednesday run which was scheduled for 7 miles, i set off from home to the gym for my Body Balance class.  As i said in my last full update i hadn't been well the night before, so i knew it was going to be unsure if i completed the distance.  Well once i reached Bishops Stortford i was starting to suffer.  My stomach was hurting & i decided it was probably best to head straight to the gym rather than add on the extra loops around the edge of the town which added about 1.5 miles. So in total i completed just over 5 miles, but i made it to my destination and after body balance i walked back into town and got the bus home.

That run gave me confidence that i could still make my long run on the Saturday.  You know that rule about not increasing your mileage by more than 10% each week? Hmm yes, well i decided to go for the 15 miler that was on my training plan.  I think it was probably the worst run i have ever done.  It really wasn't pleasant & it was certainly one of those runs where you question why you are putting your body through this.

This is why:

Even though the little rider wasn't up to riding last week, they, being a very smart cookie, still enjoyed seeing the pony & learning some more things about the pony.

Although my run didn't feel successful, due to a miscalculation on my drop off point i actually ran 16 miles and completed it in exactly 3 hours, which actually equates to an 11:19 minute mile!!  So despite stopping to walk for periods, having to cross roads, feeling so dizzy i couldn't see straight - the double vision didn't help there either - it was actually a reasonable pace.  I probably should have stopped after about 10 or 12 miles with a pain in my knee & hip.  The pain in my hip went as soon as i stopped and hasn't returned however the knee issues are slightly more problematic.  A couple of (expensive & painful) weeks of physio and a lot of cycling and i should be back on track.

Anyway i have now made myself late for this morning's RDA at Bambers Green! I should be walking out the door in 5 minutes & i'm not even showered or dressed yet!  But i'm sure they'll excuse my when i tell them the fundraising total is now £631.20!

Don't forget the address:

or     if you want the shortcut - its easier to remember :)

Have a lovely day!