Sunday, 12 February 2012

Farmers Markets & T-Shirts

Big News! 

I will be going to Hatfield Heath Sheering Farmers Market on the 31st March - put the date in your diaries!

I will be selling my Bottle cap magnets, brooches and keyring, some greetings cards, a little bit of cross stitch.  A mixture of crafts basically. There will also be collection jars & of course plenty of sponsor forms for people to donate via too.

I am currently trying to design label for the home made donation jars & also a design for a T-Shirt i can wear to the gym to show off my fundraising address a bit more - well actually its my shortcut web address because the My Donate address is just so long! 

I looked at getting one printed on-line and quotes came out at £30 minimum! So i bought a t-shirt (£4) and some transfer paper (£13) current cost £17 it would have been cheaper PC world had the paper on sale for £4.99.  It would have been nice to have the cost under a tenner but it was out of stock in PC World and i got fed up of chasing around after some, so just bought it when i saw it the next day in WH Smiths.

I shall model it once it is sorted but it the mean time please tell all your friends & family about the farmers market.  Its a really good market & the reason its no longer in Hatfield Heath and moved to Sheering is actually because it got too big for the original location!  So now even more stalls for you to look at & buy from.  They are a wonderful crowd who organise the market and have given me a stall for free because i am raising money for a local charity. So come see us there on the last Saturday in March!

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