Saturday, 4 February 2012

Half Way There!

I did it! 13 miles in sub zero (just) temperatures complete! I would have jumped for joy when i got home however i felt a little bruised and tired, so i let the smile on my face to the talking and was greeted by another smile (i think of relief) and a hug too.

To be honest its 10pm (it's snowing!!) and my brain is fried. I think i'm a little too tired to write a decent post so it might have to wait until tomorrow. So for now i shall leave you with photos of the good and the not so good.

The good is my garmin screen shot

I thought the average pace was going to be about 2 minutes slower.  At that pace i'd be on for a sub 5 hour marathon! 4 hours & 50 minutes would know 40 minutes off of last year!!!
Its interesting to see which miles are slower and faster too - a discussion for tomorrow.  With the snow i might have an extra 3 hours on my hands if i can't get to the gym!

And now the not so good, and possibly another good reason i shouldn't go to the gym tomorrow...

Other than the small blister, which managed to form under a blister plaster, what's more concerning and painful is the bruise that has been caused by my orthotics.  Yes, they've been fabulous sorting out the shin splints but i think i shall be returning to the podiatrist.

Anyway i've foam rollered my muscles, which don't feel too bad, but then i did make sure i really stretched well when i got home, and now it's 11pm (see an hour to do this! really shouldn't bother when i'm tired) so time for hot choc, bed and see what the morning brings.

Stay warm everyone!

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