Friday, 10 February 2012

More Snow

I know some people may thing i'm chickening out and bottling it but after all the problems i had last year with training and injuries, and with the flu before christmas which left me drained for 5 weeks after - i really don't want to risk either a broken ankle, or getting too cold & falling ill again.
5.5 inches last weekend - only about half of that this time.

But i am going to cross train the heck out of things (without injuring or exhausting myself) until the conditions are more favourable.  So off to the gym it is and fingers cross for the 15 mile on the training plan this weekend!


  1. HEY Jenny!! Aah you are not 'chickening out' by not running in those conditions! I twisted my ankle in it last year, so you're right to be wary!

    I usually turn to the treadmill. I do my planned run, but with 1-3% incline to add a little challenge! OR I do the same amount of time on the elliptical, but that is my back-up option because that's not quite as good as a run!

    Missing one long run isn't a big deal though, so hopefully the snow will thaw soon so we can run properly again!!

    Have an amazing day!! <3

    1. Thank you! I feel better after hearing it from a Pro :)

      We have AMTs at my gym and i think i might start using them more. I'm more likely to do the distance on them even if it takes longer than do the distance on the Tread. I managed 3 hours solid last year when i was trying to do a long run but avoid impact due to shin splints. So if i can do 3 hours last year, i can do it again!

      hope you had a good weekend.