Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Building up to a Saturday long run

I chose Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Training Plan this year.  Hal Higdon is an american running writer whose training plans seemed to come well recommended on Runner World & Novice 1 is apparently the most popular of all his plans.  For me so far despite a few sets backs it has worked, but i think that makes me feel even more confident with it, in that i have been able to be flexible with it too.

So my weekly plan looks like this:

Monday - Rest (great way to start the week)
Tuesday - Short run
Wednesday - Medium run
Thursday - Short run
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - Cross train

Ok, so i don't stick to it rigidly.....and a few more things may be added in on my rest day for example, but i think i have the right balance. Touch wood, no injuries (other than the expected blister & bruising) so far.

So being a Tuesday I was due a short run.  The short is almost gone but its still very wet outside so i thought go upstairs to the gym (after i'd done body pump of course!) and instead of atempting to force myself to do 3 miles on the treadmill and then give up very quickly, i decided to use the AMT (Adaptive Movement Trainer) instead like Emma suggested.  So why can i manage 3 miles on the AMT but not on the treadmill? It took me longer on the AMT than it would have on the treadmill too!

I'm hoping to do 7 miles & run from home to the gym tomorrow.  Mum would disagree and my health has taken a sudden down hill turn tonight.  Personally i think ( & will keep convincing myself) that its just a 24 hour thing and i'll be fine in the morning. I'll reassess in the morning.

Its been quite a day really, as i also got call regarding a job & believe i have also just secured another donation to the charity that would take me to 1/6th of my total! But as i don't have all the details or the money in my hands i don't want to confirm it just yet.  But the 1st £500 is very exciting news & i can't wait to tell the ladies when we go back after half term.

However the call about a possible job did remind me of something not so happy - From the next school year - from this September - i won't be able to volunteer at Bambers Green, or my other RDA group for at least the next school year.  To be honest this really doesn't bare thinking about right now. There is a big part of me that would almost rather give up the college course so i don't have to leave! But deep down i know that won't help me get to university and have a chance at doing a career that i've thought about for years. Its just another reason to raise enough to fund the group for a year, perhaps a reason i'd subconsciously pushed to one side.

I'm just going to raise what i can, run my little legs off & enjoy the time i have with the group and pray the college timetable changes for next september ;)