Friday, 3 February 2012

"So much time and so little to do.....

.....Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it"

Don't you just love that quote? Although i must say i'm not a fan of the Johnny Depp version.  It has to be Gene Wilder for me.

So an update.  Well, lets start with what i've done today:

  • I started at 8am chatting to the live help people at BT, trying to figure out where the donation was that my lovely friend, Jose, told me had done last night. After 30 minutes i finally figured it all out & found out a lot more about the website.
  • At the gym i did my usual talking.  I do feel slightly bad talking about it & worry people are going to get fed up of me but i know its the only way to spread the word. In fact a lovely lady took one of my cards & said she would sponsor me.  I know it was supposed to be a rest day but i really miss Mandy's Friday morning classes (i'm normally at college, but i've been a good girl & got my work in early) , they are so much fun! This mornings circuit included a station that needed a run. The option - run round the studio or do a lap of the car park in the almost sub zero temperatures.  It was my first station so naturally i went for the freezing cold option :) 
  • I decided to stop by the office of local magazine, Mwaah, on the way home.  It was time to stop hiding behind the laptop & speak to people face to face.  Lovely people & very helpful.
  • I've called the local newspaper to check which email address i should be sending my marathon story too
  • I've called the school that the children come from to try & get hold of some photos.
So now what's left to do?
  1. Call the lady at the farmers market (more about that in another post)
  2. Write an email for Mwaah & the newspaper
  3. REST (after all this is supposed to be a rest day)
  4. plan a route & make a decision on a distance for tomorrow.
Looking at the weather forecast, i think i need to be running by 10am tomorrow to avoid the snow.  It looks like it is going to hit mid afternoon. Although the BBC website doesn't look quite like the picture on TV (as usual).

And all the other things that i should have done today like my washing! It fact that is my first job - otherwise i won't have enough warm clothes to run in tomorrow! 

Keep sharing & caring,


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