Sunday, 5 February 2012

Semi recovered

Due to a little bit of snow (about 6 inches!!!) i decided i'd give my cross training at the gym a miss.  As much as i love my Body Step and Body Balance, i thought my bruised feet would prefer a rest and i really didn't fancy driving in it.  I'm sure the main road was probably ok, but it's getting down to the main road that's the problem.  There are so many cars parked on the side of the road that i didn't fancy attempting trying not to skid & hit them!

I spent my cross training sunday doing about an hour of snow shovelling & sweeping instead, as we cleared the path & salted it, in the hope it doesn't become icy overnight.  Of all the photos i've seen on facebook, this area seems to have had the most snow down south.

So i said i was going to recap on my half marathon.  I can't quite believe that's what i've done. It's one of those things i can't quite link in my head.  I know i've run 13 miles - my garmin confirmed it, but to say i've run a half marathon.....

Anyway, i thought i'd recap in lists.  As i was running so many thing ran through my mind - after all 2 hours and 18 minutes is a long time, to spend thinking.  The thoughts ranged from what i'd blog about, to the bizarre, to the amusing, as well as looking out for wildlife.

13 Miles - The Good

  • i completed it!
  • No pain in the shins
  • fantastic route
The Bad

  • numb fingers
  • bruised arches of feet 
  • a 'paula radcliffe' moment at only 3 miles in - clearly 2 mugs of tea is too much liquid before running. Good job it happened whilst i was on a country lane still, out of view ;)
The Lucky
  • My ipod ran out as i was on my cool down walk less than half a mile from home!
Lessons Learnt
  • Jordan Frusli bars do not stay nice and chewy when its cold outside!  I think might hunt down some clif baf shot blox which they had there last year, as Clif Bar are one of the official sponsors and are again this year. I tried a Powerbar gel last year which i got as a freebie at the expo, but it was far too sweet.  I took one mouthful before throwing it.  I felt so bad doing that, but what are you supposed to do when you are only 9 miles into at 26 mile race?! The whole route was littered with rubbish though. I think i would like to try the Clif Turbo Gel Shot - more caffeine than the shot blox :)

I didn't see much wildlife, although i did worry about the buzzard flying overhead, worrying what might happen if it were to drop something & it landed on my head.........yeh bizarre thoughts!

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