Tuesday, 31 January 2012


As its snowing/sleeting (in that pathetic English way) i think i'll leave today's three miles until i'm in town later & pop to the gym.

I'm not generally a fair weather runner, however last year i trained in the snow (ok so -5 is a touch colder than it is right now) and i think managed to give myself mild hypothermia. I had blue lips, was shivering even after being in the warm for 30 minutes stood under the hand drier at the gym and scared by gym friends a little too. So given my previous Flu issues over christmas i'd rather not risk even a cold right now.  

And anyway 3 miles on the 'dreadmill' is manageable bearable but i'm not going that way until the afternoon so i think i will warm myself up with a bit of stretching/yoga/pilates before lunch.  

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