Thursday, 5 April 2012

More Prizes! (and other photos)

(Dilbert the Dinosaur not included)
A 2 beautiful handmade felt brooches (other colours available) from The Delightful Dinosaur Company

A Pair of Large Body Pump Gloves (good luck balloon in the background not included - but it's lasted well - still going after 5 weeks!)

and £10 voucher from HACS (Horse & Country Store) in Little Hallingbury.

Remember that ice bath? It wasn't just cold water - there really was ice in it too! see?

 Have you seen this car?  All the details of prizes will be in the back window when i'm parked up ( i need to update the list tonight when i get home, got to get to the gym now!)


  1. Katrina (The Delightful Dinosaur Company)5 April 2012 at 23:48

    Woo! One of those prizes is from me! But I do have a minor point to make... Dilbert the Dinosaur is sadly not included in the prize- he's the company mascot (and makes our tea!)

    1. Added a caption to that affect xx