Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hill Run

Since the new job time has been very tight, not only for blogging but also running & training too.  Although the job is part time from lunch time until early evening, i still have college & RDA 3 mornings a week.  So when we headed to Sussex for our monthly visit to the grandparents, i decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a run along the seafront & back home to Nan's.  However what i hadn't thought about was it was the Sport Relief weekend and Brighton was holding it's runs along the seafront that sunday.  So as i wasn't going to be able to complete the distance i wanted to due to a lack of time, i decided on a hill run instead.

Anyone who has completed the London the Brighton Bike Ride will know there is a particularly challenging hill towards the end of the route & we drive this hill almost every time we visit my Grandparents.  I knew that the cylists found it tough, so i'm not sure why i thought it was a good idea!  But i completed it neverthless & the rest of the route back to nan's for an ice bath.

I'll let the pictures & graphics do the talking.  i took my camera with me, as it was a lovely day & i thought the views would be lovely from the top.

I need to get to the top of that hill!

View from half way up - slowing down to get my heart rate down from 185!!

the top! looking east.

carrying on heading towards Brighton (looking south)

Getting closer

got another little hill yet....

climbing again

downhill into town from now - Yay!

looking down into Brighton

route map and summary from my Garmin. Amazed at my average pace again! and scared by my max heart rate.

Green in the elevation - 1.5 miles in distance but 500ft up at the start!
Heart rate in red - explains why i felt my heart was going to jump through my chest at one point! The dip at 16:40 is where i reached the top and paused for a photo, i though a break was sensible given what i'd just put my heart through!
Google street view doesn't really do this hill justice ;)


  1. Those are some pretty pictures! Makes me want to go run, too. :)

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. the weather has been so lovely recently, my face got slightly sunburnt that day although on the top of a hill around 600ft above sea level its not suprising really ;) forgot the sun tan lotion though.

      We're forecast snow for this week though! only in Britain lol we have had snow at easter before a few years ago, but hopefully it won't be anything much.