Sunday, 25 March 2012

An update in photos (and words actually too)

It is still very busy, and the new job is certainly taking up more time that i think i realised it would.  Any how here is a quick update.  I have been round and checked all my paper forms so far & totalled it all up together, as well as the money raised yesterday from Sheering Farmers Market here in Essex.  I raised £25.66 from selling my crafts and received £30 on my sponsor form.  So thanks you to those who supported it.  My step dad was able to get a few photos for me at the beginning of the morning.  

The grand total for fundraising and sponsorship so far is £1,048.86!  Thank you all for helping.  Of course there are still paper forms in the Studio at Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre in Bishops Stortford and one with the lovely Karen & Pat at Manefaire   also in Bishops Stortford  Tweet them @Manefaire!  

Or you can still sponsor me online.

Thank you also to the Hatfield Heath Village Magazine, Herts & Essex Observer and Mwaah Magazine for posting lovely articles for me hopefully boosting my fundraising.  I have copies of Mwaah Mag if anyone would like one!

Today if i get chance to take photos (i.e if i hurry up and finish this blog post) i will try and put the rest of the craft stuff on Ebay.  But like i say i'm tight on time - as usual - as we are headed to Brighton and i was to get a run in along the seafront up to my Nan's before lunch, but that doesn't leave me with the afternoon hopefully.

And finally a few photos i was sent by the school, of me and the other ladies during a session (this is why we have no time to take photos ourselves!).  These photos all have parental permission of the children involved.

Spot the purple Jodpuhs!

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